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ARCS Board of Directors: Statement Regarding Black Lives Matter

June 4, 2020 | ARCS News

ARCS is a membership organization dedicated to the advancement of registrars and collections specialists. In serving this role, we find ourselves in the position of having to take a stance on political and social issues, especially in instances that affect our members. Today we feel it is necessary to take a stance, and recognize the anger and pain that many of our colleagues are experiencing. 

It is our responsibility to advocate and support Black, Indigenous, and People of Color. We stand in support of the Black Lives Matter movement. ARCS is committed to the idea that the cultural heritage and creative achievements of all peoples must be acknowledged and honored. In our role as caretakers of rich and diverse collections, it is our responsibility to ensure that the evidence of these cultures is preserved and passed onto future generations, even if that evidence is sometimes uncomfortable or challenging. 

Through our support of collections care professionals, we are actively working to create an inclusive and equitable environment that supports diversity at all stages of education and professional development in order to create a multi-faceted workforce, with the varied skills, perspectives, life experiences, and knowledge base needed to ensure proper stewardship of collections everywhere. As we move forward, ARCS will continue to evaluate our organization and its culture, and prioritize efforts to ensure that members from all cultures are represented, heard, and valued. We will do this by listening and respectfully learning from community leaders and organizers and our members who represent marginalized communities.

While it feels like the world is burning around us, it is important for us to look at what ties us together. We believe in museums as a place of solace, comfort, community, and awakening for all people. We believe that art and artifact collections can educate and empower. Perhaps most importantly, we believe that we are all made better by working together.

-ARCS Board of Directors


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