Les Bénévoles

ARCS Pre-Conference Event: Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

As part of the Association of Registrars and Collections Specialists conference in Philadelphia this year, we will hold a day of volunteerism at local museums for attendees. The name of Les Bénévoles, which translates to The Volunteers, was chosen to complement the French heritage of New Orleans which hosted the conference in 2015, and has been carried over to subsequent conferences.

 Join other registrars and collections managers volunteering for the day at a museum to help with projects such as:

  • accessioning
  • condition reporting
  • rehousing objects
  • any projects that may benefit by having help from trained professionals

Now Accepting Site Proposals! 

We are now soliciting project proposals for the 2019 Les Bénévoles event . Our volunteer day will take place on Wednesday, November 6th prior to the start of the conference.

Your project proposal  MUST include the following:

  • A description of your organization (size, type of collection(s), number of staff, number of volunteers), and why you need  help
  • The number of volunteers your organization can reasonably accommodate
  • The names and titles of staff who will be on hand to assign projects and supervise the volunteers
  • Confirmation that you will be able to host this event on November 6th (10am-4pm)
  • Indicate whether you will be able to help with transportation to and from the conference hotel

And most important of all:

  • List in as much detail as possible the projects that you would like assistance with (examples of past projects include: cataloging objects; inventorying discreet collections; rehousing costumes and archives; condition reporting objects, and assessing condition/conservation concerns in exhibit areas)
  • List the supplies that you will need for these projects *that you do not already have on hand*

If your organization is selected as a host, ARCS WILL SUPPLY THE FOLLOWING:

  • The requisite number of trained collections professionals to volunteer for the day
  • Transportation to and from the hotel for the volunteers (unless you can help out)
  • Supplies for the projects (that's why we'll need a detailed list as far in advance as possible, so we can order the supplies for you)

You can have a day of professional assistance for FREE! That's certainly worth taking the time to write up a proposal, right?

Submit your proposal by COB Friday May 31, 2019 to Conference@arcsinfo.org
Please use subject line: “Philadelphia - Bénévoles Proposal”

We look forward to volunteering for you!

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