Registrars and Collections Specialists Mentoring Program

What is it?

The Registrars and Collections Specialists Mentoring Program is an opportunity for registrars and collections specialists to engage in a mentoring relationship for career guidance, knowledge sharing, skills building, specific problem solving, or just a collegial sounding board.

If you are a new or mid-career collections professional in need of a mentor, or an experienced collections professional who would like to volunteer to be a mentor, we encourage you to participate.

How will I benefit?

By participating in Mentoring both mentors and mentees will benefit from:

  • A one-on-one personal relationship
  • New knowledge about the field
  • New or improved networking skills, relationship building, and professional community building


Mentees can build skills and knowledge while attaining career development goals. Just out of school and wondering how to get into the museum field? Looking to expand your knowledge base or just needing some outside advice and perspective on a difficult progression in your career? Mentors can further enhance your skills and competencies by continuously reassessing and building upon the knowledge base you already have.


Feel like you are a veteran in the field? Participate in the program as a mentor and share your time, talents and expertise with a mentee who is just starting out in the museum field or a mentee who wishes to hone collections management skills and advance in his/her career. Once a successful mentoring match has been established, you can foster the development of your mentee by sharing resources, values, skills, perspectives, and proficiencies.

How to apply

Please fill out the information on forms below and return via email to:

Sebastian Encina (CS-AAM) and Erin McKeen (ARCS)
Mentoring Co-Chairs

Once a match is made, you will be connected with your mentor or mentee. We will check in periodically to see how things are going, but the rest of the relationship-building is up to you. 

Registrars and Collections Specialists Mentoring Program Application Form.pdf

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Our mission

The Mission of ARCS is to represent and promote Registrars and Collections Specialists, nationally and internationally, to educate them in the professional best practices of registration and collections care, and to facilitate communication and networking.

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