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Plymouth Historical Society awarded grant to inventory collection

February 4, 2019 | In the Press

From Sun Sailor (https://www.hometownsource.com/sun_sailor/free/plymouth-historical-society-awarded-grant-to-inventory-collection/article_91e9d516-28b7-11e9-8f38-97b6f52f21ba.html)

The Plymouth Historical Society was awarded a Minnesota Legacy Grant for $9,961 to conduct a partial inventory of its artifacts and archives.

The plan is to identify, catalog, and photograph more than 1,600 objects currently housed in the Plymouth History Museum building at 3605 Fernbrook Lane North, Plymouth. An additional 500 objects are housed in the adjacent carriage house and will be inventoried during a later phase of the project.

The project goal is to create a single, comprehensive and sustainable digital record of the museum’s collection.

To begin, museum staff members and volunteers will collect basic object information for each object, including accession number, object name, description, dimensions, current location, condition rating (excellent, good, fair, unstable, poor), condition notes, examiners’ names, and date of examination.

This information will be entered into a new collections software management system, Collective Access, a user-friendly software recently developed by the Minnesota Association of Local History Museums to serve the needs of small collections like Plymouth’s, explained Natasha Thoreson, the historic site manager.

The data can be used in-house but, more importantly, it can be shared online, Thoreson said, noting this will be the first time the historical society has been able to share its collections online.

For this reason, the project will include taking photographs of each object. As cataloging progresses, more information can be added to each digital record; however, for the present, photographs and basic inventory data will provide a great deal of information about the society’s collections.

Thoreson seeks volunteers to assist with the collections inventory project. Volunteers will learn museum best practices for handling objects of various materials and will assist with inspections, measurements and labeling.

“This is a great project for anyone interested in a hands-on experience with Plymouth’s history,” she said.

Anyone interested in volunteering can fill out a volunteer application form on the city’s website here.

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