Connecting to Collections Care - When Copyright and Cultural Collections Converge


2/27/2019 2:00 PM–3:30 PM
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Anne M. Young


Nervous about how copyright applies to your collection? Unsure if you can claim copyright to the photographic reproductions created of your collection objects? You’re not alone! Understanding copyright law can be a challenge for lawyers, let alone for the non-lawyers working with the collections of cultural institutions on a daily basis. Managing copyright nevertheless remains a key responsibility of caring for collections. And it remains imminently important for collection professionals to understand that copyright is just one element of intellectual property rights that may need to be considered when creating or utilizing reproductions. This webinar provides a practical introduction to U.S. copyright law, the public domain, and fair use, as well as touching upon parallel intellectual property rights to consider, such as privacy and publicity rights. Additionally, attendees will be presented with methodologies to navigate the myriad licensing options and ever-changing uses affecting collections, including determining rights status, identifying rights holders, and applying rights statements, Open Access, and Creative Commons licenses to collection objects.

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