Connecting to Collections Care - Inside Out – The Inside Scoop on Your Outdoor Sculpture


5/23/2017 2:00 PM–3:30 PM
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Are you responsible for carrying out the preservation of outdoor sculpture at your institution or business? Or, have you been charged with hiring contractors to maintain outdoor monuments and are unsure of which questions to ask, or how to evaluate whether a proposed treatment is appropriate?

For those of you wanting to become more familiar with monuments conservation, this webinar is intended to teach you:

  • to identify some of the materials commonly used in outdoor sculpture
  • the deterioration mechanisms of those materials
  • how to recognize when intervention is necessary
  • different treatment options

We will discuss why and when outdoor sculpture requires maintenance and what to consider when evaluating types and levels of intervention. Finally, we will provide examples from our own work of different processes we have used to treat outdoor bronze and stone sculptures.

This webinar is intended to give you a better understanding of motivations for and approaches to monument care and to provide you with a level of confidence and knowledge when discussing monument maintenance.

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