CCAHA - Behind the Scenes: Exploring Museum Collections Storage (Philadelphia, PA)


Wednesday, November 8, 2017–Thursday, November 9, 2017

Philadelphia, PA
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Museums caring for cultural collections frequently seek innovative yet practical ways to maximize use of storage areas, enhance current facilities, and incorporate technology into storage solutions.

Participants in this two-day conference will hear experts in design, space planning, environmental control, and conservation speak about methods and applications to improve museum collection storage spaces.  Sessions will include case studies that demonstrate how museums of various sizes have implemented storage initiatives.

This conference is intended for staff involved in collections care, planning, and management in museums, including directors and administrators, collections managers, curators, and facilities managers. Sessions include:

  • Essentials of managing museum collections storage
  • Allocating resources and funding
  • Space planning
  • Environmental considerations
  • Factors for selecting off-site storage
  • Retrofitting less than ideal spaces
  • Reimagining storage through open access
  • Moving collections
  • Using technology to identify storage needs
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