Jamie Hascall
Independent mountmaker, educator, and consultant at Mountmaking Focus/Hascall Consulting LLC


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Jamie Hascall


Jamie Hascall has been a mountmaker for 30 years, working in both private collections and major institutional settings across the western US and Canada. He became acquainted with the art of mountmaking while working at the Burke Museum during his Museology studies at the University of Washington, and earned a Master of Arts degree in 1994. He has participated in 8 major new museum or museum renovation projects, and spent 7 years as Chief Preparator for the Museums of New Mexico in Santa Fe.  

Recent projects include, in 2015, training a four-person mountmaking crew at the new Alaska State Museum in Juneau,  and then returning for four more visits to build mounts and install exhibits at this beautiful new facility. The museum opened June 6th, 2016. In September 2018, Jamie traveled to London to present at the 6th International Mountmaking Forum, and then traveled on to teach a mountmaking workshop at West Dean College in Chichester England. In 2019, he designed and built the mounts installing canoes, totem poles, and other large objects in the new Burke Museum in Seattle. 

Jamie’s lifelong interest in tinkering and repair, and previous career in fine woodworking, have provided the solid grounding in tools, materials, and three dimensional thinking that has informed his craft. Studies in conservation and non-toxic insect pest management have also contributed to his holistic philosophy of exhibit execution and collections care. Jamie has given presentations on mountmaking projects and methods before the International Mountmaking Forums and the Western Association for Art Conservation (WAAC). He has been published in the Journal of the American Institute of Conservation (AIC). 

At this point in his career, Jamie’s focus is on the education and training of a new generation of museum professionals to replace the outgoing stream of senior staff.  He’s also continuing to search for new and better methods and materials to further the art of mountmaking. On-site instruction, as well as workshops at Mountmaking Focus Studio in Seattle are both available. Please contact us for details. 

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