Elie-Anne Chevrier
Freelance Fine Arts Registrar

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Elie-Anne Chevrier


I have worked extensively with many national and international art collections and museums.  I worked in the Registrar’s Office of the Philadelphia Museum of Art for 20 years from 1990 to 2010.   I grew up in Washington DC and in France.

During my time at Philadelphia Museum of Art, I continued to travel with artworks and have worked on every aspect of its art collection.  I started as an administrative assistant in the Protection Services department and was quickly recruited for more sensitive work in the Registrar’s Office, processing artworks in the permanent collection, loans and outgoing loans. I handled gift processing and donor acknowledgement letters, prepared exhibition budget outlines.  I helped the Philadelphia Museum of Art as they implemented The Museum System  (TMS) collection management software.  I was promoted to Exhibition Registrar.  At first I organized smaller photography exhibitions where I working directly with the artists, then onto major Special Exhibitions such as Cezanne, Rome in the 18th Century and Tesoros.  All of these exhibitions required works from every part of the world with significant dealings in documentation for the artwork and the couriers, whom often accompanied the artwork while in transit.  As a Registrar, I was in charge of examining all works and implementing the conservation process, to meet the rigorous museum standards of display. I am a dedicated member of the Association of Registrars and Collection Specialists (ARCS).  

Working for the Philadelphia Museum of Art facilitated working with many important art collections and international museums (Hermitage, Louvre, Rothchilds collection) and the art community at large (Artex, Masterpiece Int’l). I am currently sitting on several boards (Woodmere Art Museum and Friends of Pastorius Park) and on a task force to review the possibilities of merging an art museum and a history museum in Philadelphia.  

I feel confident that the combination of my skills and background and my outgoing personality would work brilliantly with this opportunity. I am organized, creative, detail oriented, aggressive and work well under pressure. I am a team player with a great deal of energy and enthusiasm and will be tireless in advancing your goals.

Thank you for your consideration.  If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact me!

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