2019 Preparing for a Disaster Workshop

Date: May 6-7, 2019

Location:  Minneapolis Institute of Art 
2400 3rd Ave S 
Minneapolis, MN 55404 

Registration is now Open! 

Description: This two-day workshop is designed for institutions with limited staff and time, and is ideal for all staff of museums, libraries, and archives, including: curators, collections managers, registrars, administrators, art handlers, and facilities. 

Preparing for a Disaster: Institutional Risk Assessments and Writing Short-Form Disaster Plans

The first day of the workshop begins with teaching participants to assess risks and complete a basic Disaster Plan. The instructor will discuss and demonstrate an institutional and collections risk analysis as well as address what will be needed for a short-form Disaster Plan. The workshop will incorporate a PowerPoint lecture and practical instruction in conducting a risk analysis of the host building(s) and the collection. Participants will create a Disaster Plan outline for the individual’s own cultural institution using the NEH supported, WestPAS short-form Disaster Plan template. Handouts will include a full binder of articles, information and recovery sources.

After a Disaster: Response and Salvage of Collection Materials  

The second day of the workshop will cover the most important actions to take in the first 48 hours following a disaster within a cultural institution, as well as planning for and practicing a hands-on salvage operation. Participants on this 2nd day of the workshop should wear comfortable shoes and weather-appropriate clothing! A lecture and PowerPoint presentation will be accompanied by hands-on, practical exercises in recovery procedures for damaged artifacts using education collection materials.  

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