Following are suggested books and articles which should be on the bookshelf or within easy reach of every registrar or collections specialist:


Buck, Rebecca A. and Jean Allman Gilmore, eds.  Museum Registration Methods 5, American Association of Museums, Washington, D.C., 2010

Gardner, James and Elizabeth Merrit, AAM Guide to Collections Planning, American Association of Museums, Washington, D.C., 2004

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Registration and Collections Management

Benedetti, Joan M. Art Museum Libraries and Librarianship.  Scarecrow Press/Art Libraries Society of North America, 2007.

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Heritage preservation, The National Institute for Conservation, Emergency Response and the Salvage Wheel.  Washington, DC:   Heritage Preservation Inc., 2005.

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Texas Association of Museums, Museum Forms Book.  Texas Association of Museums, Austin, Texas, 1999

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Visual Resource Association, Cataloging Cultural Objects: A Guide to Describing Cultural Works and Their Images.  ALA Editions, Atlanta, Ga., 2006.


AIC Directory, American Institute of Conservation, released yearly.

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Thomson, Garry.  Museum Environment.  Butterwork-Heinemann, Oxford and Woburn, Ma., 1999

Emergency Preparedness

Lord, Allyn (editor), Steal This Handbook!: A Template for Creating a Museum’s Emergency Preparedness Plan, Southeastern Registrars Association, 1994.

History and philosophy

Alexander, Edward P. and Mary Alexander.  Museums in Motion: An Introduction to the History and Functions of Museums, AASLH/AltaMira Press, 2007.   

Case, Mary, ed. Registrars on Record: Essays on Museum Collections Management, American Association of Museums 1988

Weil, Stephen E.  Making Museums Matter.  Smithsonian Institution, 2002.

Legal and ethical

ALI-ABA (American Legal Institute, American Bar Association), Course of Studies Materials: Legal Problems of Museum Administration.  Published annual since 1973.

Malaro, Marie C.  Museum Governance: Mission, Ethics, Policy.  Smithsonian Institution Press, Washington, D.C., 1994.

Steiner, Christine, ed. A Museum Guide to Copyright and Trademark

Michael Shapiro & Brett I. Miller, Morgan, Lewis & Bockius, American Association of Museums, 1999

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Various. Code of Ethics and Practice of Interest to Museums, American Association of Museums 2000. 

Weil, Stephen E. A Deaccession Reader. American Association of Museums, 1997

Yeide, Nancy, and Akinsha Konstantin and Amy Walsh.  The AAM Guide to Provenance Research, American Association of Museums, 2001

This bibliography is expanded from one compiled by Rebecca Buck, with thanks to:  Jean Gilmore, Ramona Bronkar Bannayan, Lynn A. Bethke, Karen Christenson, Susan Colletta, Janice Klein, Martha Mayberry, Chris McNamara, L. J. Richards, Stephen B. Ringle, John Simmons.

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