A Day In the Life

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View some videos in what goes on in our colleagues daily work lives.  And then take some time seeing what they do in their "down" time!

Job Descriptions

Derya Golpinar, Registrar, Talks to AIC's Collection Care Network by AIC - See Derya talk about her experience as both a Registrar and a Collections Manager at two different institutions.

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A Day in the Life of a Museum Collections Manager by Burke Museum - Rebecca Andrews of Seattle's Burke Museum explains just a few of the many things she does to organize and care for the museum's 45,000-object ethnology collection.

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Loans Registrar - David McNeffby the National Portrait Gallery - Learn about the role of the "Loans Registrar" at the National Portrait Gallery.


Art Handling Olympics by NY Daily News - Teams compete in the first-ever Art Handling Olympics on the lower East Side.

The Art Handling Olympics by Art Handling Olympics - Watch more exciting footage from the Art Handling Olympics March 2010 in NYC.

Can't Touch This Museum by American History - Part of Whenyouworkatamuseum.com annual Museum Dance Off!

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Happy by Indiana State Museum & Historic Sites - Inspired by Pharrell's "Happy," the staff at the Indiana State Museum & Historic Sites provide a joyful, behind-the-scenes look at working at the museum and sites. 

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Truckload of Art by Terry Allen - Sent to us from our preparator colleagues at PACCIN 

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