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View videos on how your colleagues manage historic buildings, historic homes, integrated pest managment, or new construction.  

Historic Buildings

Behind the Scenes Renovation Solutions at The FDR Library & Museum by EYP Architecture & Engineering - See how the renovation of the FDR Library successfully brought the Library's archives and museum up to the National Archive's standards for the preservation of historic collections, while carefully preserving the building's historic appearance.

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Historic Homes

Behind the Scenes on a Museum Secrets Shoot at Versailles by MuseumSecrets TV - Take a look as a movie crew sees what happens at one of the largest historic homes in the world.  

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Integrated Pest Management

Behind the scenes at Dawlish Museum by Dawlish Museum - Showing just some of the things the volunteers do behind the scenes at the Dawlish Museum. Including features on storage and pest management.

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New Construction

Behind the scenes of the new Shrewsbury Museum and Art Gallery by Shopshire Council - The Music Hall complex in Shrewsbury is undergoing a major restoration to repair and preserve the buildings while creating a new museum and art gallery for the town and tourist information center.

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