Founding Benefactors

ARCS is thankful for the generous support of our Founding Benefactors and current sponsors. Their past support has enabled ARCS to launch our website, initiate programming such as the inaugural conference, and host regional networking socials and workshops.

Further information on Founding Benefactors can be found here.

Founding Benefactors - key

  1. Pat Ellenwood, CSi
  2. Paul Williams, Constantine
  3. Bryan Cooke, Cooke’s Crating
  4. Marc Leboiteux, Chenue
  5. Jonathan Schwartz, Atelier 4
  6. John Jacobs,  Artex
  7. Antonio Addari, Arteria
  8. Lapo Sergi, Apice
  9. Gwenaël Rimaud, LPArt
  10. Susan Lambert, LAPacking
  11. Jan Kortmann, Kortmann Art Packers and Shippers
  12. Jeff Minett, Huntington Block
  13. Lynn Marcin, Huntington Block
  14. Hizkia Van Kralingen, Hizkia Van Kralingen
  15. Hans Ewald Schneider, hasenkamp
  16. Gilles DeGreling, Gander & White
  17. Terry Dowd, Terry Dowd Inc
  18.  Jason Losh, Dietl
  19. Terry Fahey, Global Specialized
  20. Laura Condon, Willis Fine Art, Jewelry and Specie
  21. Robert Salmon, Willis Fine Art, Jewelry and Specie
  22. Mark Lank, USArt
  23. Victor Bissonette, Unified Fine Arts
  24. David Jensen,  Unified Fine Arts
  25. Bob Simon, Transport Consultants International
  26. Anna Tabuenca, SIT
  27. Mark Starling, Pacart
  28. Anna Maris, MoMArt
  29. Roger Keller, Mobeltransport
  30. Dave Epstein, Masterpiece International
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The mission of ARCS is to represent and promote registrars and collection specialists, to educate the profession in best practices of registration and collections care, and to facilitate communication and networking.

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