Planning for the Unexpected: Daily Challenges to Collections Emergencies


7/29/2020 2:00 PM–3:00 PM
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Identifying and planning for hazards to collections is often done through the risk assessment process. However, we have seen the culmination of a pandemic, protests, weather emergencies, and more affect museums and cultural sites. These crises have prompted changes in emergency planning or the additions of new sections into our Preparedness and Response Plans.

Please join the ARCS Emergency Sub-Committee and industry experts to discuss adapting to the ever growing list of collection challenges and emergencies, embracing the fundamentals of planning for emergencies, all-hazard procedures, understanding scenario-based risk assessments, working within your existing plan, and adjusting to evolving industry standards. We will also hear case studies from those who have successfully adapted their emergency plans to the current hazards and risks affecting museums and cultural sites.


  • Samantha Forsko, Collections Manager, Art Institute of Chicago/Vice President, ARCS
  • Irene Karsten, Senior Preventive Conservation Advisor, Canadian Conservation Institute
  • Chakira Santiago Garcia, Museum Registrar, University of Puerto Rico
  • Tracy Bryan, Director of Facilities, Virginia Museum of History and Culture

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