Mountmaking Focus-Intro to Mountmaking Workshop


3/30/2017 8:00 AM–5:00 PM
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Jamie Hascall will be offering an introductory workshop in Mountmaking for Museum Objects, on Thursday and Friday March 30th and 31st. The workshop will be held at Mountmaking Focus Studio in Seattle’s Fremont Neighborhood.

The workshop will be a two-day intensive covering the basics of mountmaking, with a major focus on mountmaking as a preventive conservation practice. Object assessment, design parameters, material choices, and fabrication techniques will all be covered. Participants will use skills learned to build a mount for a standard object, and to design and attempt a mount for an object of their choosing.

This workshop is aimed at students with minimal shop experience, but may be adapted to higher skill levels if appropriate. Subsequent workshops will build on the skills learned during this session.  Special topics may also be offered in future workshops.

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