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ARCS Update Vol 3 Issue 4 Meet Your ARCS Board Members, #ARCSConf 2019 Update, #ARCSConf 2017 Stipend Recipient Reviews, & More

February 13, 2018 | ARCS News

Meet Your ARCS Board Members

We’re pleased to start a new feature in our updates, introducing you to ARCS Board members.  This month we would like to introduce you to Board Member and ARCS Vice-President Toni M. Kiser.

I am the Assistant Director for Collections Management at The National WWII Museum in New Orleans, LA. I have been at the museum for 10 years and have seen us go through a tremendous amount of growth. We recently more than doubled our artifact storage area which has allowed us to take a fresh look at our storage practices. We are embarking on several re-housing and inventory projects as part of our move out, and then back in, to our storage areas.”

#ARCSConf2019 Update

ARCS is already busy planning the 2019 Biennial Conference. We are currently exploring potential cities and hotels, and hope to announce both in the Spring. Are you interested in helping with the 2019 Conference? You can volunteer here. Stay tuned for more information.

#ARCSConf 2017 Stipend Recipient Reviews 

Reviews of conference sessions from our travel stipend recipients are now available on our website.  Today we would like to highlight the following: 

Feel free to further the discussion, add comments, clarify points, etc. at the ARCS Forum page set up for this purpose here.

Learning Opportunities with the Conservation Center for Art and Historic Artifacts

The Conservation Center for Art and Historic Artifacts is pleased to offer two 2-day workshops addressing the continually evolving challenges of caring for modern and contemporary collections. The 20th and 21st centuries presented a vast array of new materials which have left collections staff in uncharted territory as they address unprecedented preservation problems. Colors change and fade, structures lose their integrity, and material components become obsolete. Libraries, museums, archives, and other collecting institutions must understand the long-term preservation needs of these items in order to determine appropriate priorities for conservation, storage, exhibition, documentation, and digitization. These two-day conferences will explore ways to anticipate, plan for, and address preservation concerns in modern and contemporary collections.  This program is intended for collections care staff responsible for modern and contemporary materials in museums, libraries, and archives.  More information can be found here 

American Society of Appraisers Online Webinar

ARCS members can get discounted rates on the webinar Valuation and Legal Aspects of Charitable Contributions being held March 21, 2018.  This online webinar will present the most up-to-date information for appraisers who currently or will work with charitable contributions. Participants will learn about IRS rulings and requirements for Fair Market Value deductions for non-cash charitable contributions. The sessions will also cover other topics related to appraisals, gifts and more. For more information visit the ASA website. Please email arcs4all@gmail.com to get your discount code.

Important Dates 

March 6, 2018  8 PM EST #ARCSchat on Twitter. Participate and follow here 


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