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Updated Yale University Art Gallery Loan Policies and Procedures

April 16, 2018 | In the Press
(203) 432-0604 | l.addison@yale.edu

To all potential borrowers from the collection of Yale University Art Gallery: 

The museum has reviewed outgoing loan policies and procedures, and is making the following changes for all future loans considerations:

  1. All loan requests must be received one (1) year prior to the opening date of the exhibition.
  2. At the point that approval is given, no serious changes to the request can be considered. This includes requesting additional objects, requesting additional venues, or considerable date changes.
  3. The Museum now charges $250. per object. This cost will not change with the number of venues.
For questions or queries can be sent to: 
L.Lynne Addison
Yale University Art Gallery
l.addison@yale.edu / T: 203 432 0604
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