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  1. Batja Bell Batja Bell


    Independant registrar

  2. Jacqueline Cabrera Jacqueline Cabrera

    Principal at Cabrera + Art + Management

  3. Barbara Campisi Barbara Campisi

    Independent Collections Manager at Campisi Art Collection Management

  4. Jessica Cloer Jessica Cloer

    Assistant Registrar at University of Iowa Stanley Museum of Art

  5. Kathryn Coughlan Kathryn Coughlan

    Registrar and Collection Management Specialist

  6. Rowan Coulter Rowan Coulter



  7. Jeanie Craig Jeanie Craig


    Accredited Senior Appraiser - Fine Art at Art Collection Management

  8. Ashleigh Crocker Ashleigh Crocker


    Registrar at Crocker Art Museum

  9. Erin E Damon Erin E Damon

    Exhibitions Registrar at Portland Museum of Art

  10. Kate DePetris Kate DePetris

    Art Collections Manager & Registrar

  11. Alana D Embry Alana D Embry

    Collections Manager/Registrar at (Independent)

  12. Amy Essick Amy Essick


    Fine Art Appraiser, Curator, & Consultant at Amy Essick Fine Art Appraisals & Consultations

  13. Holly Fitzgerald Holly Fitzgerald

    Registrar & Collection Manager

  14. Margaret Geiss-Mooney Margaret Geiss-Mooney


    Conservator & Collections Management Consultant at In Private Practice

  15. Jean A. Gilmore Jean A. Gilmore

    Partner at Buck & Gilmore, LLC

  16. Pamela Richardson Jones Pamela Richardson Jones


    Contract Registrar

  17. Marion N Kahan Marion N Kahan

    Owner/Director at Kahan Art Management

  18. Diane R Kalik Diane R Kalik


    Independent Registrar and Collections Manager

  19. Maura  Kehoe Collins Maura Kehoe Collins

    Principal at Artiphile

  20. Rebecca Kennedy Rebecca Kennedy


    Independent Collections Manager/Registrar at Curae Collections Care LLC


    Collections Manager and Registrar

  22. Allie Marotta Allie Marotta

    Lead Consultant at Museum Advisors

  23. Chrissy Marquardt Chrissy Marquardt

  24. Rachel Mauldin Rachel Mauldin

    Independent Registrar at Rachel Mauldin Art Services, LLC

  25. Beatriz Palacios Beatriz Palacios

    Contract Registrar for Collections/Exhibitions at BPart Collection Management

  26. Rebecca Parker Rebecca Parker

    Operations Manager at Bernard A. Zuckerman Museum of Art

  27. Therese Marie Peskowits Therese Marie Peskowits

    Collection Management & Registration Specialist

  28. Devon Pyle-Vowles Devon Pyle-Vowles


    Collection Manager, Registrar, Install Coordinator at Chicago Metro and the Midwest

  29. Suzanne Quigley Suzanne Quigley


    Arts Management Consultant at Art & Artifact Services

  30. Elise Y Rousseau Elise Y Rousseau


    Owner, Director & Principal Conservator at ACdR Conservation SF ~ Art Conservation de Rigueur

  31. Elena D Sanderlin Elena D Sanderlin

    Contract Registrar/ Collections Manager

  32. Sally Y Shelton Sally Y Shelton

    Associate professor of practice & associate chair at Heritage and Museum Sciences Program

  33. Judy Steinberg Judy Steinberg

    Collection and Exhibition Manager at American Folk Art Museum

  34. Pauline M Sugino Pauline M Sugino


    Contract Registrar

  35. Deidre Thieman Deidre Thieman

  36. Alicia B.   Thomas Alicia B. Thomas


    Museum Consultant & Collections Specialist at Nail-to-Nail, LLC

  37. Erin Tohill Robin Erin Tohill Robin

    Chief Registrar at Delaware Art Museum

  38. Antonio Vignali Antonio Vignali

    ART HISTORIAN & OLD MASTERS CONSULTANT at membership indivual

  39. Andrea L. Wood Andrea L. Wood


    Andrea Wood Art Management

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