Michael A Jerch
Collections Manager, Advisor, Appraiser


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Michael A Jerch


Built on more than 17 years of experience, Michael Jerch’s tailored approach provides industry-leading oversight of all art shipping, inventory, crating, installation, rigging, framing, fabrication, appraisals, museum loans, customs arrangements, sales/use tax (in consult with financial advisors), storage, and any and all special projects. His methodology is defined by a rigorous level of detail-oriented research, and his due diligence navigates potential pitfalls, never deviating from a fully transparent and truly experiential approach.

Optionally, Mr. Jerch – as a client’s unbiased advocate – may also provide full oversight of auctions, galleries (both emerging and blue chip), art fairs, and all other acquisition and de-acquisition opportunities in a Collection-building advisory capacity. This strategy includes academic research into potential purchases beautifully presented along with financial analysis and photorealistic mockups, complemented by viewing experiences, as well as full condition assessments, up to date interest levels and market context at auction, and naturally the impartial advice in order to secure the most advantageous purchase prices.

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