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Nominations committee takes suggestions from members as approprate, develops a slate to be voted upon, implements a mechanism for voting, talleys votes, informs Executive Commitee of results.

  1. Danielle Hall Bennett Danielle Hall Bennett, Chair
    Head of Collections Management at Freer/Sackler, Smithsonian

  2. Samantha J Forsko Samantha J Forsko
    Preservation Specialist at Conservation Center for Art & Historic Artifacts

  3. Toni Kiser Toni Kiser
    Assistant Director for Collections Management at The National WWII Museum

  4. John E. Simmons John E. Simmons
    Consultant at Museologica

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The Mission of ARCS is to represent and promote Registrars and Collections Specialists, nationally and internationally, to educate them in the professional best practices of registration and collections care, and to facilitate communication and networking.

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