Membership Engagement Committee

The Member Engagement Committee promotes ARCS membership growth, and increases membership participation in all ARCS areas.  They assist all other committees and subcommittees with their work to identify valuable benefits and resources for ARCS members, and to conduct regular membership research to recognize trends within the field and the needs of ARCS’ membership.

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Membership Development Sub-Committee
Meet-Ups Sub-Committee
Communicaitons Sub-Committee

  1. Margaret Coleman Margaret Coleman, Co-Chair

    Collections Assistant at American Swedish Institute

  2. Megan Paqua Megan Paqua, Co-Chair

    Registrar at Fairfield University Art Museum

  3. Marlena Cannon Marlena Cannon

    Collections Manager at Camron Stanford House

  4. Ariel Caruso Ariel Caruso

    Associate Registrar at Glenstone

  5. Elysian I Koglmeier Elysian I Koglmeier

    Artwork Archive

  6. Corinne Midgett Corinne Midgett

    Registrar at High Point Museum

  7. Melissa Pankuch-Hernandez Melissa Pankuch-Hernandez

    Registrar, Botanical at Huntington Library, Museum, & Gardens

  8. Alicia B.   Thomas Alicia B. Thomas, Board Member

    Contract Registrar & Fine Arts Appraiser at Nail-to-Nail, LLC

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The mission of ARCS is to represent and promote registrars and collection specialists, to educate the profession in best practices of registration and collections care, and to facilitate communication and networking.

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