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Increase ARCS membership with a focus on increasing the number of non-North American members.

  1. Pippa Thorogood McLennan Pippa Thorogood McLennan, Chair
    Assistant Registrar, Loans and Exhibitions at Australian War Memorial

  2. Eldon Yeakel Eldon Yeakel, Co-Chair
    Registrar at Smoky Hill Museum

  3. Erin K Chase Erin K Chase
    Student , Art History at Hunter College

  4. Beatrice A Lozano Beatrice A Lozano
    Graduate Student at University of Wisconsin Milwaukee

  5. Emma Selfors Emma Selfors
    Curator of Collection at Historical Museum at Fort Missoula

  6. Rosemary Zlokas Rapolla Rosemary Zlokas Rapolla
    Registrar at Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum

  7. Sonia Nunez Sonia Nunez, Board Member
    Head Registrar at Museo Guggenheim Bilbao

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The mission of ARCS is to represent and promote registrars and collection specialists, to educate the profession in best practices of registration and collections care, and to facilitate communication and networking.

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