Education Committee

Coordinate educational programming to support the future needs of the profession and ARCS members.  Work with the Membership Engagement Committee to identify the ideal method and schedule for ARCS educational programming.

2021 Conference
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  1. Julia A Grasso Julia A Grasso, Co-Chair

    Museum Technician at National Museum of American History

  2. Serena Washington Serena Washington, Co-Chair

    Contract Registrar

  3. Sara A Berkovec Sara A Berkovec

    Collections Curator at Lancaster Mennonite Historical Society

  4. Sydney L Briggs Sydney L Briggs

    Associate Registrar at The Museum of Modern Art

  5. Courtney Keel Becraft Courtney Keel Becraft

    Collections Manager at Senator John Heinz History Center

  6. Rebecca Kennedy Rebecca Kennedy

    Independent Collections Manager/Registrar at Curae Collections Care LLC

  7. Janet E Northey Janet E Northey

    Collections Manager at Anchorage Museum

  8. John Thomas Robinette John Thomas Robinette

    Independent Collections Manager at J.T. Robinette, LLC

  9. Amanda A Robinson Amanda A Robinson

    Registrar at Museum of Fine Arts, St. Petersburg

  10. Chris Helms Chris Helms, Board Member

    Collections Manager at Adler Planetarium

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The mission of ARCS is to represent and promote registrars and collection specialists, to educate the profession in best practices of registration and collections care, and to facilitate communication and networking.

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