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Current ARCS Committee and Task Force Openings

ARCS is seeking interested and motivated collections professionals to serve as volunteers on ARCS committees and task forces as we continue to provide new opportunities to benefit our members. ARCS is committed to broadening representation and diversifying the profession, and it is through the work of volunteer committees that ARCS is able to create and offer various programs and resources to its members . We welcome all members interested in contributing their time and effort to advance our mission and to further the development of the collections profession to apply, including:

  • professionals who steward culturally specific and community based collections
  • professionals in adjacent fields, e. g. conservation, preparation, archives, and libraries
  • professionals in history, science, and children’s museums
  • professionals in small galleries and private collections
  • emerging collections professionals
  • professionals outside of the US
  • professionals with experience or interest in IDEA??

The current available positions are: 

Conference Committees (Seeking - 5+ Members)
This committee, along with Talley Management Group (TMG) and the ARCS Board, is responsible for developing a well-informed and well-rounded hybrid conference on 7-10 November, 2023. The committee will drive the intellectual content of the conference presentations by selecting sessions and poster presentations and cultivating the creative content. The committee will also create and implement a variety of programming outside of conference sessions like pre-conference activities, collaborations with partner organizations, and meetups/boardrooms. They are responsible for collaborating with other ARCS committees to create meaningful and comprehensive experiences for attendees. Conference Committee members are not required to attend the conference in-person.
Fundraising Committee (Seeking - 2 Members)
The Fundraising Subcommittee works closely with the ARCS Board of Directors and all of the various ARCS committees and subcommittees to identify, cultivate, and manage external funding partners. The Fundraising Committee’s goal is to nurture and expand awareness for ARCS initiatives, and to help raise funding to host them. The committee also works closely with other committees to plan specific fundraising events and activities, such as the annual ARCS conferences and ARCS webinars and workshops.
Member Development Committee (Seeking - 1 Chair, 3 Member)
The Membership Development Subcommittee identifies membership needs and develops strategies for increasing and strengthening ARCS membership. They work to attract new members of all categories, including museum studies students and emerging professionals, specifically from North, Central, and South America. Additionally, they work to keep continuing to provide value to existing ARCS members in the best way possible.

Member Engagement Committee (Seeking - 1 Member)

The Member Engagement Committee promotes and encourages ARCS membership growth, and increases membership participation in all ARCS areas and activities.  They assist all other committees and subcommittees with their work to identify valuable benefits and resources for ARCS members, and to conduct regular membership research to recognize trends within the field and the needs of ARCS’ membership. 

Meetups Subcommittee (Seeking - 1 Member)

The Meet-Up Subcommittee organizes and arranges virtual and in-person meet-ups for the ARCS community across North America.  They create informational packets for hosts, work with committees to have meet-ups related to programming (e.g., webinars, events, etc.), and focus on topics drawing a diverse audience.

Nominations & Leadership Development Committee (Seeking - 1 Chair, 1 Members)

The Nominations Committee manages the development and placement of all ARCS volunteers, and develops and grows the ARCS Board of Directors.  The Nominations Committee works with all other ARCS committees to solicit and recommend volunteer candidates for open officer, board member, and other leadership positions within ARCS.  The Nominations Committee strives to recommend candidates with diverse and applicable perspectives and experiences to fill those needs and seeks candidates committed to fostering a culture of belonging by promoting respect, accessibility, equity, and inclusion.

Partnerships Committee (Seeking - 2 Members)
A collaborative and engaged collections community is a stronger community, and the Partnership Committee seeks to strengthen that through long-standing relationships with other organizations.  They create tools for establishing those partnerships, reviewing partnership requests, making recommendations to the Board on existing and future partnerships, and maintaining and reviewing current partnerships.

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