Call for Committee Members

Current ARCS Committee and Task Force Openings

ARCS is seeking interested and motivated collections professionals to serve as volunteers on ARCS committees and task forces as we continue to provide new opportunities to benefit our members. ARCS is committed to broadening representation and diversifying the profession, and it is through the work of volunteer committees that ARCS is able to create and offer various programs and resources to its members . We welcome all members interested in contributing their time and effort to advance our mission and to further the development of the collections profession to apply, including:

  • professionals who steward culturally specific and community based collections
  • professionals in adjacent fields, e. g. conservation, preparation, archives, and libraries
  • professionals in history, science, and children’s museums
  • professionals in small galleries and private collections
  • emerging collections professionals
  • professionals outside of the US
  • professionals with experience or interest in IDEA??

The current available positions are: 

Educational Resources Committee (Seeking - 2 Members)
The Educational Resources Subcommittee provides an up-to-date, relevant, and easy to find library of educational resources to the ARCS community.  They act as a clearinghouse for all resources available to ARCS members including an updated required reading list, a list of domestic and international registrar organizations, and all resources to assist our membership in the best practices of registration and collections care.  Additionally, they vet ongoing resource submissions and continue to add new resources to the resource kit.
Emergency Preparedness Subcommittee (Seeking - 1 Chair, 1 Deputy Chair, 3 Members)
Hurricanes?  Fires?  Floods?  Pests? We’ve got you covered!The Emergency Subcommittee develops and implements emergency preparedness and response training programs, resources, and workshops in response to ARCS membership needs.  We provide updated and informed resources, programs, training, and workshops to the ARCS membership on emergency preparedness and response, and even make some of these resources available to non-members. 
Fundraising Committee (Seeking - 2 Members)
The Fundraising Subcommittee works closely with the ARCS Board of Directors and all of the various ARCS committees and subcommittees to identify, cultivate, and manage external funding partners. The Fundraising Committee’s goal is to nurture and expand awareness for ARCS initiatives, and to help raise funding to host them. The committee also works closely with other committees to plan specific fundraising events and activities, such as the annual ARCS conferences and ARCS webinars and workshops.
Mentorship Program Subcommittee (Seeking - 3 Members)
Looking to make a difference in the lives of emerging museum professionals and looking to give back to the community? The Mentorship Program Subcommittee monitors and implements the ARCS mentorship program. This Committee oversees recruitment and matching of mentors and mentees, and identifies creative ways to promote the program and ways to expand mentoring access and events.

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The mission of ARCS is to represent and promote registrars and collection specialists, to educate the profession in best practices of registration and collections care, and to facilitate communication and networking.

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