2013 Chicago Conference

The Association of Registrars and Collections Specialists was pleased to present the inaugural ARCS conference in Chicago, Illinois from October 31 through November 3, 2013.  

The program schedule and session desciptions have been posted. 

In brief - there were:

  • 9 Members of the ARCS Conference Organizing Committee
  • 3 Days in Chicago
  • 530 Attendees from 28 Countries
  • 60 Presenters at 24 Sessions
  • 28 of 29 Founding Benefactors in attendance
  • 7 Special Events
  • 283 Tweets by 32 Tweeters in 4 Languages
  • 5 Scandinavians inviting us to the European Registrars Conference in Helsinki in June 2014
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Our mission

The mission of ARCS is to represent and promote registrars and collection specialists, to educate the profession in best practices of registration and collections care, and to facilitate communication and networking.

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