Accolades from attendees at the inaugural ARCS conference in Chicago, Illinois from October 31 through November 3, 2013.  

Blown away by iPad session. Workflow wheels are spinning. #ARCS_2013 - @PatDEvansGreat

inaugural #ARCS_2013 conference! It was a pleasure to reconnect w old friends/mentors, make new contacts & tweet for those not here! - @MarkBSchlemmer

Anne Young: Rights and Reproductions Handbook for Cultural Institutions being produced @imamuseum @AAMers @AYoungRandR #ARCS_2013 #cantwait - @Lola_Roma

Wow. Inspiring presentation about collections risk assessments. Really motivated to get back on top of our long range plan. #arcs_2013 - @aemorgan

Compelling talk given today about deaccessioning at the ARCS conference in Chicago. Great summary provided by the speakers! #ARCS_2013 - @PhotoArchivistX

Feeling very lucky to have such a lovely bunch of colleagues. Happy times at #ARCS_2013 - @apublichouse

Anyone can now view the presentations, handouts and session reviews from the conference by clicking on the following link:  Presentations, Handouts, & Reviews

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The mission of ARCS is to represent and promote registrars and collection specialists, to educate the profession in best practices of registration and collections care, and to facilitate communication and networking.

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