2021 ARCS Leadership Series

Leading teams in a VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous) world is an ongoing challenge for nonprofit and museum professionals. The pandemic complicated these challenges, moving us to strengthen our skills in resolving problems, leading teams and engaging opportunities to enhance our organizations.  This 3-part webinar series will feature interactive sessions that introduce and apply perspectives on leading, communicating, and facilitating teams in nonprofit organizations and museums to help meet these complex challenges.

Session 1:  What Do We Mean by Leadership?
Session 1 features an interactive workshop where we explore what leadership means in a nonprofit and museum context.  Building upon a discussion about what we mean by leadership, you explore your own leadership development needs and develop a personalized plan for leadership development. In this session participants will:

  • Discuss leading in a VUCA world;
  • Assess individual leadership development needs using the Individual Leadership Development Assessment Tool (©Ford, 2018); and
  • Construct a personalized leadership development plan.

Session 2:  Connecting Leading & Communicating
Expanding upon our work in Session 1, Session 2 features an interactive workshop that explores the connections among leadership, communication, and leadership styles. Drawing upon these connections, we will discuss the ways in which those leadership styles and communication skills impact how we lead others in the museum and nonprofit context. In this session participants will:

  • Discuss the relationships among leading and communicating in nonprofit and museum contexts; and
  • Apply communication strategies in case scenarios in the nonprofit and museum context.

Session 3: Leading & Teaming in a VUCA World
Given the challenges in the nonprofit and museum world today, keys to success will be our abilities to leverage the strengths of a variety of specialists to solve complex problems. Session 3 focuses on how to apply your leadership strengths and communication skills discussed in Sessions 1 and 2 to team (as a verb; Edmondson, 2017), toward achieving nonprofit and museum goals. In this session participants will:

  • Examine the concept of team as an action;
  • Engage leadership approaches and communication skills to team to meet nonprofit and museum challenges and move our organizations forward.

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