2022 ARCS Webinar Found in Collection & Old Loans


Rebecca Buck, Former Deputy Director for Collection Services and Chief Registrar, The Newark Museum of Art | Andrea Ko, Associate Registrar, The Newark Museum of Art


Old Loans and Found in Collection (FIC) objects remain an issue for many of our museums.  For Old Loans, it is certain that ownership does not reside in the museum, and for FIC, the ownership is but a list of possibilities.  This webinar will cover the history and actions museums have taken to deal with these two categories.  It contains a basic introduction to property; definitions of the vocabulary used in each instance; a description of the confusion that exists because of misunderstandings caused by the well-meaning legislation that conflated the two situations; causes for the existence of the problem; and procedures and processes that can be used to clear title.   A case study of the development of New Jersey Old Loan legislation and use of that legislation by the Newark Museum of Art will round out the presentations.

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