2021 Digital Condition Reporting

ARCS is proud to present a digital condition reporting webinar which will serve as an introduction to mobile platforms used for condition reporting, as well as an overview of the benefits and challenges with digital condition reporting as a whole.  The speakers will cover digital condition reporting in general, but will also go into detail of two possible viable platforms: PDF Expert and Notability. They will offer a demo of both applications, address functions such as uploading object information in advance, adjusting and marking up photos, drawing, typing, and drop-down boxes. In addition there will be discussion on ease of use, ease of customization, photos compressed, and more!

Barbara Campisi of Campisi Art Collection Management
Benjamin Peery of the Charles M. Schulz Museum and Research Center

Webinar Materials

Active ARCS Members can now access the webinar recording and resource materials for this webinar. 

Recording and Resources

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