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LED Lighting in Today's Museums: Scott Rosenfeld
June 1, 2024
The Lunder Conservation Center held a one day symposium on March 1, 2013 on the use of LED lighting in museum collections. A series of presentations and panel discussions from museum and lighting specialists took place over the course of the day. Se…
Light Damage Calculator
December 20, 2023
The light damage calculator provides an estimate of the fading of colours exposed to light, based on the best available data.
ARCSchat March 2022 Future-Proofing Intent in Time-Based Media
March 1, 2022
Immunity from Judicial Seizure Statute
May 17, 2021
Explanation and guidance on immunity from judicial seizure legislation
Installation On Display
April 28, 2021
This session discusses the experience, challenges, benefits, and take-aways of installing art in public view.
A Tale of Two Museums: Documenting "The Refusal of Time"
April 28, 2021
This discussion describes the process of developing the inter-institutional documentation of a co-owned artwork at the Met and SFMOMA, and the collaborative reality of co-owning, exhibiting, and preserving variable media arts installations.
Indigenize and Digitize: A Case Study in the North American Hall at the Field Museum of Natural History
April 28, 2021
Quick study of indigenizing your collections using digitzation and new perspectives to bring collections by minority groups to the forefront and be accessible for the communities they represent.
ARCSchat February 2, 2021: Installing the Butterfly Effect: Talking Collab w/ PACCIN & Art Pro Net
February 2, 2021
Now, more than ever, our profession requires unprecedented levels of collaboration and trust across staff, institutions, and professions in order to function. With this in mind, #ARCSchat collaborates with two other chats/podcasts representing the in…
Lighten Up: Enhancing the Visitor Experience (Conference session, 2017)
October 4, 2020
Video from 2017 ARCS conference presentation, discusses lighting tactics and upgrades employed at the Smithsonian's National Postal Museum
Inclusive Digital Interactives: Best Practices and Research
September 1, 2020
This book focuses on the inclusive design of digital interactives for visitors and staff, one segment of museums’ larger program offerings. Access Smithsonian, the central accessibility office for the Smithsonian Institution, initiated this project i…
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