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ARCSchat June 2022 The Next Generation of Collections Specialists
June 7, 2022
The new cliché resonating around the world as we make our way through the global pandemic is “the new normal”. Managing our collections has no immunity to this sentiment, so #ARCSchat has asked academic leaders with extensive experience in museum stu…
ARCSchat May 2022: #MayDay Gameshow Edition w/ the C-Word Podcast
May 3, 2022
#ARCSchat returns with its annual #MayDay special. This year we preach from our soapbox by way of a game show! You may or may not be familiar with
ARCSchat April 2022 Exploring NAGPRA and the 2021 Proposed Program Changes
April 5, 2022
Since 1990, the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act has been in place to provide for the repatriation and disposition of certain Native American human remains, funerary objects, sacred objects, and objects of cultural patrimony. Ov…
ARCSchat March 2022 Future-Proofing Intent in Time-Based Media
March 1, 2022
ARCSchat February 2022 Rethinking our Data Collection Practices
February 1, 2022
Museums have many facets, but one of their key functions is to serve as repositories for histories, cultures, and information. In more recent years, our field has begun to re-evaluate the specific stories museums have collected, and more importantly,…
ARCSchat January 2022: The Trials and Ethics of Rapid Response Collecting
January 11, 2022
In April of 2020, The Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History launched a task force charged with collecting and documenting the impact of COVID-19 on history and culture. At a moment's notice they had to formulate a collecting strategy and …
ARCSchat December 2021: Shippers Panel Pt. 2
December 7, 2021
ARCSchat October 2021: The Future of Museum Funding w/ Katherine Wilson-Milne
October 5, 2021
There has been much ado in recent years about museum funding; from institutions declining support from organizations rumored to conduct unethical business practices, to the temporary expansion of deaccession fund regulations in the field. And gosh, e…
ARCSchat September 7, 2021: Restitution and Repatriation with Alexander Herman
September 7, 2021
Like the change of seasons, the arrival of September brings the return of #ARCSchat on the first Tuesday of every month. We begin our new season with Mr. Alexander Herman, Assistant Director of the Institute for Art Law, to discuss and take your ques…
ARCSchat June 1, 2021: The Collections Continuum: Where do we go from here? with John Simmons
June 1, 2021
he Collections Continuum: Where do we go from here? We haven't arrived, but where have we been? More than a year after global lockdowns have forced all of our collections and institutions to rethink nearly every operating protocol, we look back at …
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