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Chicago Adventure, Part Two: Catalogue Dialogue
May 29, 2013
Watch Emily Graslie from the popular Brain Scoop series view the storage and cataloguing methods at The Field Museum.
The Gem Room
May 29, 2013
Emily Graslie from the popular Brain Scoop series opens the vaults and unveils some of the shinier secrets from the Field Museum's geology collection.
The Spririt Collection
January 29, 2013
Emily Graslie from the popular Brain Scoop series explores the oft forgotten wet specimen collection at the University of Montana in Missoula.
Where are all of the dinosaur fossils kept?
December 3, 2012
Only a small percentage of dinosaur specimens in most major museum's are on public display. Take a look at the storage AMNH uses for their natural history collection
Behind the Scenes: Field Museum with Bill Stanley-Catalogue Room
May 17, 2012
Take a behind the scenes tour of the Field Museum in Chicago with Chicago Parent's Carrie Kaufman and Bill Stanley of the Field Museum to view storage of the natural history collection.
Behind the scenes at the Natural History Museum
July 20, 2007
Two lucky students travel behind the scenes of the Natural History Museum in London and get to view storage of natural history collections.
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